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Operating Executives

Palladium has a diverse and
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executive with deep experience
across various industries

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Team Overview

Palladium is managed by a cohesive, multi-cultural, and seasoned team with a longstanding working relationship. The senior investment professionals have on average 18 years of experience in private equity and 10 years of tenure at Palladium. For over 23 years, the Principals have been actively involved in the investment of over $1.5 billion in approximately 50 portfolio companies across multiple industries and geographies, as well as economic and credit cycles.

Oscar Benitez
Yue Bonnet
Leon Brujis
Joseph J. Chang
John Paul Cisneros
Vanessa Gabela
Marshall Goldsmith, CFA
Justin R. Green
Daniel Ilundain, CFA
Rafael Ortiz
David Pareja
David Perez
Marcos A. Rodriguez
Erik A. Scott
Adam Shebitz
Ilan Szekely
Victor V. Veiga
Alex Ventosa
Luis Zaldivar
Eugenie Cesar-Fabian
Susan S. Lyons
Amanda E. Rahner
Kevin L. Reymond
Louisa M. Dalton

Donna M. Corrado
Toni DiMartino
Maria Frankel
Sharon L. Kalbacher
Lynn Simonetti
Michelle Wagner

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